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Pre-NCT/Purchase Checks

We provide this service for all our customers just for 20€. We highly recommend take a Purchase Checks if you see a car for sale... Read More

Timing Belts

Your timing belt keeps your valves operating in time with your engine so that it runs properly. If you replace your timing belt on schedule, you'll likely avoid the downtime and expense that can result from a broken or slipping timing belt. Read More

Car Diagnostics

All modern cars have several on board computers i.e. engine management, ABS + air bags. When a fault occurs in any of these systems... Read More

New Tyres

Coolmine Motors offer a tyre supply and fitting service. Price start from 45 €. Contact us to get quote

Price List

Item Exc. of VAT Inc. VAT
Maintenance Tyre puncture 7.70€ 10.00€
  Exhaust welding 15.40€ from 20.00€
  Pre Nct check 15.40€ from 20.00€
  Brake pads replacing 19.25€ from 25.00€
  Brake pads/discs replacing 26.95€ from 35.00€
  Electrical works 26.95€ per hour 35.00€
  Wheel Bearing fitting 34.65€ from 45.00€
  Shock absorber replacing 34.65€ from 45.00€
  Shock mounting replacing 23.10€ from 30.00€
  Cv Joint fitting 36.00€ 45.00€
  Computer diagnostic 11.55€ from 15.00€
  Oil and oil filter change 23.10€ 30.00€
  Full car service 76.23€ from 99.00€
Turbo Service Turbocharger diagnostic 30.80€ 40.00€
  Turbocharger installation 269.50€ from 350.00€
  Brake lines replacing 115.50€ from 150.00€
  Clutch replacing 96.25€ from 125.00€
  Timing belt kit replacing 103.95€ from 135.00€
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