Injector Max Machine

injector max machine It is well known fact that almost all modern engines today use fuel injection system to deliver fuel directly to engine combustion chamber;this allows for improved engine efficiency which results in less pollutants and better fuel economy for the customer.

Modern engine tuning today is typically done automatically by the engine management system which manages correct fuel/air ratios of fuel through the fuel injection system.This enables the engine to operate as efficiently as possible.

Due to the location of the fuel injectors on today's modern engines,fuel injectors get heat soak when the engine is turned off.The engine heat causes fuel evaporation at the fuel injectors,resulting in gum,varnish and tar deposits accumulating around and on the fuel injector nozzles.This together with carbon accumulation from poor quality carbon based fuels(especially in Ireland) will cause imperfection in the fuel injector spray pattern and in some cases cause fuel injector blockage.

Regular services of the fuel rail and fuel injector system will remove these unwanted deposits and ensure engine efficiency and reliability.

Injector Max will remove all deposits from the fuel rail through to fuel injectors without damaging the engine,fuel pump and fuel lines.

The Injector Max fluid is a crude oil based solvent designed specifically to remove unwanted deposits from the fuel injection system for both Petrol and Diesel engines(eto nado pdcerknut kak to osobenno shto i petrol i diesel engines delajem!!!).We recommend a fuel injection clean every 12,00 miles/1 year depending on driving conditions.

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